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        Sales service is a key factor in business to grow, to ensure product quality is stable and reliable operation of the important aspects of quality management is an extension of our company, "stresses integrity, quality," the purpose of an important manifestation. Our after-sales service to do a serious and responsible, solve problems for users.
        First, the company has a full-service centers and allied service personnel:
       1 sales service center is managed by skilled full-time staff, rigorous style comrades served. After receiving the user service information, the province 24 hours, the provinces 48 hours service in place.
      2, the maintenance personnel for duty after troubleshooting the night, however when troubleshooting more than five hours after the normal   operation and maintenance personnel before leaving.
     Second, strictly enforce the contract in terms of service, products sold year warranty, the implementation of "three guarantees" for out of warranty products, services, channels always smooth, product life-long service, free of service charges. Undertake: Users with no doubt, the product with no fault, the service call.
      Third, continue to understand the views of users as the user feedback information to improve product performance, improve product quality and an important source. Where the product installation, service and information feedback just where. Established service network, often get in touch with the user, constantly guiding users to the proper maintenance and use of equipment to prevent failure.
      Fourth, the strict implementation of the company after-sales service and management system:
    1, service personnel attitude of enthusiasm, good service, skilled, work style.
    2, service personnel are not sent to the user chaotic pendulum, arbitrary charges, do not give the user adds any trouble and burden. Provisions shall be allowed to charge fees outside.
    3, fill service user feedback form, user's views are taken seriously every one, and timely response.