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asphalt heater

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specifications:Changeable:according to your request

parameters:Model:PLQK60-50 size of outset :8000x2000x2900medium temperature:120/170°C hot medium temperature:260/240°C

advantages:1,Fast heating, high heat transfer efficiency, heat continuously 2,Asphalt won't appear local high temperature, so ensure the quality of the product 3,Realize the automatic control function, convenient and reliable 4,maintenance is convenient

Movable type heat module(Patent NO.:ZL201220273299.4Z) is skid-type Vortex hot-film asphalt exclusive make use of heating unit which is our company developed new type asphalt quick heating device, it makes use of advanced stainless vortex hot-film pipe as heat exchanger element, use it’s unique heat exchange element an inside technology construction, realized heater high efficiency, corrosion resistance, heat-resistant, high pressure resistant, anti-fouling function, greatly improved the whole performance of heater. It effects on road projects, save energy and consumption reducing.
²    The device adopts the heat conduction oil as heating medium,It can run at lower pressure and higher temperature. Heat efficiency is high, easy to automatic temperature control. The asphalt heating heat up evenly, it can heat continuously and fast. Heating can be carried out once or twice. Movable device prizing type structure is convenient, safe and reliable; Beautiful shape, it will be satisfied with the needs of multiple large tank of heating asphalt.   
Adopt unique vortex hot film tube as the heat exchange element, heat medium flow in tube,  asphalt flow in shell. Heat efficiency is 3-5 times than ordinary heat exchanger. In heat transfer oil inlet use temperature control valve, through the temperature sensor to control the heating medium for the amount of heat conduction oil, and ensure the asphalt temperature constant. Its strengthen heat transfer mechanism are: design in both inside and outside surface of fluid flow into a turbulent flow, produce strong shocks and flushing action, flow direction change, boundary layer thinner so that damage, heat faster. And then avoid local high temperature overheating the asphalt