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high quality oil tank quick heater

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specifications:Changeable:according to your request

parameters:Sample:KWMY80-600-1.0 KWMY——Oil tank quick heater 80——Flow capacity of heated oil 80t/h 600——Capacity of tank 500-10000m3

advantages:1,Fast heating, high heat transfer efficiency,not easy to scale 2,Oil won't appear local high temperature, carbonization 3,Long service life, corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature, high pressure

WHY Series new type oil tank quick heater is used to heat high viscosity fluids and heavy oils in large tanks. This heating lower viscosity fluid can be easily unloaded from the tank. It is researched and developed by our company on the basis of leading products—WMH Series Vortex Hot Film Heat Exchanger (National Patent Number: ZL02268208.2).It is made use of advanced stainless steel pipes (SUS304)as heat transfer component. By the unique heat transfer component and advanced inner structure, It improve the functions of high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance and less solid fouling so that improve overall performance dramatically. It solves the badly waste of heating steam in the processing heating oil in the tank of the fields of oil's storage and transportation. It has played a positive role in saving energy and reducing consumption of the petrifaction industry and China Petro Company. It is the national patent product (Patent Number: 200720029405.3).
²This product is designed to cope with harmonic pour oil, its design parameter changes according to the different needs of different users, the parameter list is not exhaustive, please understanding. To guarantee the accuracy of the type selection calculation, please provide the following parameters:
²    1.The geographical location of equipment use.
²    2.The volume of storage tanks, shape size and internal structure。
²    3.The variety of oil and features.
²    4.The oil temperature of tank and need to be heated temperature
²    5.Flow capacity of oil.
²    6.Whether  need oil heating temperature control device。